I'm selling my Sonnar G 90/2.8. It comes together with a Lens-workshop 4/3 adapter ready to use with a 4/3 camera

It's in excellent condition, like new actually. Mechanics and the inside and all the lens elements are like new. The outside of the lens is very nice and here you should look at the images. I'm sure there is some mark on it somewhere, but where?

Here it is:

The lens with caps, the bumped box and the adapter.

You can check more images of the lens here. What you see is what you get.

The adapter was once "reviewed" by me here in the Contax G adapter thread. I wasn't overwhelmed. The adapter is now "run in" as per instructions from lens-workshop and it is now smoother (not silk smooth though). It works fine with the Sonnar and especially so on a GF1 or a Pen camera where you are free to grip the focusing ring (no protruding flash house) in any way you like. I still don't recommend the adapter for G1 or GH1. It's not that it can't be used but it is convenient to have access to the focusing ring anyway one likes.

My price is EUR 240 which I believe is decent, should I be wrong please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Shipping is EUR 22 (insurance is included).

If you also are interested in a black Zeiss Planar G 45/2 you should go here.

PayPal is OK. Bank transfer using BIC/IBAN codes is even better and anyone paying this way can deduct EUR 10 from the price. As I'm in Sweden, EU there wil be no additional taxes or fees for any EU buyer.

Thank you for looking,