my Dad's compact P&S digital camera died and I wanted to bring him one to Germany in 2 weeks. Before I order a new one, I wanted to see if anybody here has one for sale that is nicely cared for. Main criteria are

- wide angle (around 25mm)
- decent LCD >= 2.7"
- uses SD cards
- image stabilization
- can be switched to German language
- power supply/loading can run on 220V
- limited budget

Until now he used a Canon A570, so almost all recent ones will be more powerful. He doesn't use manual settings, would like video but doesn't need the latest HD. Since he is also partial to Leica (he worked for them once, still uses his R4 occasionally...), I was thinking the Panasonic ZS1/TZ6 with the 25-300 Leica zoom would be a good choice, they go for under $200 new these days. Or maybe a ZS3? I have read mixed reviews about the ZR1 in low light, not sure about that one. The LX3 is over budget and the zoom is too short for it to be his only digital camera. If you happen to have something like that or a good alternative for sale, please let me know.