Are you interested in a Konica Hexanon 57/1.2?

Up for sale is my old copy, occupying place in the cupboard, collecting dust and doing no good. The FL is too long for me and so I never really came to fix it.

It is in need of some service:

There is some dust inside and the lens is in need of cleaning
There are two out of four screws holding the lens mount missing
The aperture ring moves as expected to f/5.6 or so, stopping down further demands more force than expected.

Having converted a Hexanon UC 28/1.8 to 4/3 mount once I think I understand what happened here: somebody has tampered with the lens and then lost not only the two scres mentioned but perhaps also a washer or two between the lens mount and the next part. (No, not me, lol.)

Anyway, if you are the die hard DIY sort of persons you can fix it up for nearly nothing. If not you've better ask a camera shop for help. Here in Sweden I gather it would be an EUR 100 affair.

The lens is of the last version sporting a rubberized focusing ring. I sell it together with an RJ Konica-->4/3 adapter. The price is EUR 175, but then you also has to add EUR 22 for the shipping. OTOH that is the PayPal price including fees so the total stops at EUR 197. As I'm in Sweden there will be no extra expenses for taxes or custom fees.

For those money you get a real good looking lens with glass elements free from scratches and aperture blades free from oil, a stupid rear cap for the adapter, a front cap (not original) and also a Konica rear lens cap.

Images of the lens can are attached and if you are interested just send me a PM. Should I be out of line with the price please inform me about that.

You can see more images of the lens here.