It's ugly, there is no red dot and there is some dust inside. So what is it good for? Super sharp, that's what.

Are you interested in an APO 180/3.4 for relatively little money? Maybe this is the answer.

The outside is ugly, it's a well used lens and you can tell that from looking at it.
The inside then? It has some good and some not so good points. Really, the lens is fully useable; the blades are fine and free from oil, the glass elements are clean and free from scratches or other damages. The but is that there is some dust inside.

Not a panic lot of dust but there are about 20 or so dust particles between the two front-most elements (six or seven of them are short, thing stray type dust things and the rest of them are small dust particles). There is also some dust at the rear element group.

From what I can see the lens is very sharp (sweet spot is f/5.6) and that on the high pixel density 4/3 camera. Contrast is good.

So, no real problems really but at one point or another you'll need to have the lens cleaned.

My price is EUR 335 plus shipping EUR 28. That's for PayPal users. Save EUR 10 by making a bank transfer using BIC/IBAN codes instead.

Check the images of the lens here and then have a look at the going rates at eBay. If you find my price to be outrageous, please send me a PM and let me know why.

The lens comes with an R-EOS adapter with a cap. For the front I'll find out a way to protect the element during shipping, I don't think I have any 60mm cap at home.

Interested? PM me.