I've decided to re-flesh my canon kit out to shoot more weddings this fall as I'll be a doctoral student and will need every penny I can get. My wife will be in school as well, and we have 3 kids... plus that MF kit I'm finally picking up, lol!

I've got a pretty mint 580exii that's been used for one season that I want to replace with a pair of 430exii speedlights for wireless e-ttl work. I've only used the 580ii as an on-camera flash, and generally as a high-iso bounce flash (read: i don't hammer it). It's never hit the thermal cut-off. NEVER.

So... I'm either looking to sell the 580exii.

Or.... Trade it for your 430exii + cash from you, amount dependent on condition of 430exii

Or (best)... trade it for a pair of 430exii + cash from me.

I can post pics if needed.

NOT interested in any other flashes... only the 430exii