Doing some closet cleaning after a move from Elinchrom to Profoto and have following for sale:

Profoto-to-Elinchrom adapter (made by Elinchrom). Allows use of Profoto lamps opn ANY Elinchrom-mount softbox, reflector or BD - including the El-Octa line.

PLEASE NOTE: My copy is missing the rubber Profoto collar. Any readily available collar from any brand of Profoto insert, etc will mount on it without issue. Rather than locate an inexpensive SP or a used one and pay more for the shipping from the US than the collar would be worth only to then resell it (in all likelihood) back into the US, I've priced the adapter accordingly.

Price: US$65 shipped and PP'd in by normal post via Canada Post in NA. Faster or overseas service, buyer pay's actual cost.

Emails please. References here or on FM as Conner999 or Ebay as Kumara999 (100%).