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Thread: FS: Rare Canon IIc rangefinder

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    FS: Rare Canon IIc rangefinder

    Canon IIc rangefinder camera in superb condition.
    Comes with a Canon Serenar 50mm f1.9 standard lens.
    Somewhat warn leather case has kept the camera in fantastic condition throughout the years.
    Everything working fine as far as I can tell. The rangefinder is accurate, the viewfinder clear and clean, shutter speeds right on, smooth focusing, etcetera.
    This camera was made in the 1950s. As I understand it, there were no more than 800 produced before they went to a new model.
    I'm pricing it at $950 Paypaled and shipped from Oklahoma City to the CON US. I'll be glad to consider offers.
    The last one on eBay was priced at $700 without a lens and ruined by the addition of a sync mechanism.
    I believe it would be hard to find another Canon IIc in equal or better condition than this sample.

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    Re: FS: Rare Canon IIc rangefinder

    Sorry for the off colors - true color is shown in top right picture.

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    Re: FS: Rare Canon IIc rangefinder

    This Canon IIc has been withdrawn.

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