Cambo Calumet 4x5 Model 540 Monorail camera with Lens and Hard Case and other extras:

Very good condition Cambo Calumet Model 540 with light tight bellows
Very nice Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar Convertible 135/235 F5.6/12 -great glass and everything works very smoothly
A long (maybe 21 inch rail)
A short 12 inch rail
Rail Clamp - note: the clamping knob recently broke, and I replaced it with a non original but functional replacement
Original ground glass with grid
New Steve Hopf glass - his brightest
An extra lens board
Original Calumet hard case to hold it all in great condition ( outside could use cleaning)

I would love to trade for a good complete and fully functional Super Graphic or Super Speed Graphic if possible. Or I would sell it all for $300 plus shipping (prefer pick up - I am in Connecticut) The price is $275 plus shipping without the case.

Sample shot: