Nobody will know what this camera is or whether it is vintage or modern. All that I can tell you is that it is actually a Bessa L with black tape and a CV 21mm lens, finder, lecia uv filter and CV LH hood. The tape will come off fine if you so choose.

Everything works as it should and I have used it quite a lot recently. It is personally too wide and I am lucky enough to shoot with a M3/Summilux combo which will suffice for my travels and style.

Comes with 3 batteries and the strap shown.

Priced in USD. PM me for postage/total. Payment via paypal.

Sorry I will not split it up. I figure that this would be a nice wide angle shooter for somebody to sling along side their standard camera. Plus I want to avoid the hassle as my trip overseas is coming up real soon.

INTERNATIONAL $400usd + $32usd airmail or $58 express with tracking

AUSTRALIA $462aud + $12 express with tracking