I am selling some stuff I do not use, all in great Condition.

1. Leica M5, chrome, in Exc condition. Everything works including meter, though still using the old style batteries.(I use Wein cells). Was (according to Shelley Krauter likely a 2 Lug later converted). Shutter speeds sound right, but not formally tested. Cosmetically few bright marks on back, but no dings/dents. Beautiful machine, but must sell.
$750 net to me.

2. Rollei 40mm f2.8 chrome LTM lens, like new condition but has slight haze. focus and f stops move smoothly, glass has no marks whatever. Both caps, no box or papers.
$525 net to me.

3. Heliar 50mm f2.8 bought new from Cameraquest last year, used little, like new, in box with caps. This is the LTM Nickel lens, comes with LTM/M adapter. Costs $749 new.
$675 net to me.

4. Elmar 50mm f2.8, in Exc condition, barrel shows some age, focus smooth, no catches, f stops precise, glass clear, some dust, no wipe marks, scratches etc. Comes with rear Leitzcap.
$300 net to me.

I am new here, but have bought and sold plenty on RFF, Photonet, and EBay. I have perfect feedback on EBay as Kerichokid.
No returns unless items not as described.

Some pictures here-

Shipping $15 per lens, $25 per Camera body in CONUS.