Bought this recently to keep as a backup if my Nikon 9000ED were to malfunction, but it does NOT work on my Apple iMac, as no support for the Drivers (they need "Classic" environment). I was able to test that the scanner works, by using a silverfast "trial" copy. Never found using Vuescan comfortable. So, I'd rather sell it, than fiddle with different OS/different software etc. Apparently works fine on windows, but I'm a Mac guy !
It s a bit discolored looking on top, as the original owner had put some colored paper or something on it, which left a discoloration, but (obviously) no effect on its abilities as a scanner.

Comes with Power cord,USB cable,Original software CD, 35mm film and slide holders, and an APS adapter thingy. No box etc.

Would like $400 net to me. Don't really want it returned, unless description does not match item. Presently not looking for trades.

Will ship in CONUS (preferably) at cost, per buyer's wishes.
Accept Paypal (please add 3% to Total). Will pack well.

Have bought and sold plenty on RFF, and on EBay as kerichokid.