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Thread: FS - M3 Kit

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    FS - M3 Kit

    I have decided to keep my M8 and a couple of IIIc's, so this M3 must go. This kit is ready to go, includes everything but film and a strap.

    Lens: Leica Summicron 50mm f/2 collapsible is clean and clear, no oil, smooth solid click aperture ring, distance ring is meters. Some VERY slight cleaning marks that you have to look very closely at to notice. Comes with the Generic hood.

    Meter: MR-4 is supplied with a CRISS battery adapter w/battery, and reads less than +/- 1/2 stop of my Seconic 308s.

    Also included is the PhotoEquip MP-Winder and the ML-Grip.

    Camera: Single Stroke Shows minimal normal wear. Vulcanite is crack free, viewfinder bright and contrasty with the DOF notches, Shutter speeds seem fine, good curtains, light wear on body, still has the L seal intact. I haven't seen that a CLA is going to be needed, as everything operates smoothly.

    Disclaimer: Camera is very good condition except for the small ding I stupidly did, has not been dropped or banged.(seen in the pic of the top)

    Overall a complete very good camera kit.

    Price is $1150.00 which includes Paypal (Instant Trasfer preferred) and USPS Priority Shipping CONUS.

    Local pickup $1100.00 cash.

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    Re: FS - M3 Kit


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    Re: FS - M3 Kit

    May I ask how she got the ding?

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