I probably will not have much time for film stuff from now onwards, so am looking at going back to digital for the majority of my photos.

I have the following on offer:

Either: Leica M6 Titanium or M4-P (I'll keep ONE, along with a 35mm lens).

The following lenses:

CV: 15mm LTM w/finder, 28mm LTM f3.5, 35mm LTM f2.5, 50mm LTM f2.5

Leica: 35mm Summicron F2 ASPH, 90mm F2.8 Thin TE

I am looking at getting rid of all of the above, except for one body and one 35mm (either the CV or Cron). Everything else can go.

I would prefer to arrange for large kit trades rather than selling individual items (for now). This list will be replaced with a For Sale listing in a couple of weeks if no trades are found.

All gear in excellent condition, some even near new. I also have a fair bit of adapters and filters also - please remind me if you are interested.

Looking for, either a Canon EOS 7D, 5D Mk2 or Canon EF L lenses (any L lens would be considered).

Located in Australia, but willing to deal with overseas counterparts.

Pictures can be provided upon request.

Best to email me at [email protected].