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Thread: FS: Nikon F6

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    FS: Nikon F6

    I sell my two years old Nikon F6 in excellent+++++ condition. I bought this camera new. I shot approximately 30-50 rolls per year as amateur. The F6 is a great performer, images are much better than from FM3a, which I already sold to an eBayer in NY.

    The finder is clean. I change lenses very, very rarely and only in clean room (17-35 and 70-200vr). All functions work 100%. One small scratch near tripod connector can be found under close inspection.

    I installed: DK-19 Rubber Eyecup, E Focusing Screen Matte/Grid, DK-17A Anti-Fog Eyepiece, Nikon AN-19 Strap. You also get Nikon F6 box and camera manual. I will include 4 CR123 batteries.

    I will ship via EMS with tracking number on the Internet and 3-10 days worldwide delivery.

    I moved to medium format and don't use 35mm film, so this gem must find a new good home.

    eBay auction, item number: 320254424311

    Buy It Now Price: $1,499

    I also have the following film for sale, quantity can change if I partially sell to other buyers. I will ship film for free with the camera. I store the film in freezer.

    Exp 2009
    Fujifilm VELVIA RVP 135-36 FUJICHROME PRO 50 - FUV5036 10 pcs $6.20/roll
    Kodak ULTRA 100UC 135-36 - KOU100UC36PP 10 pcs $4.95/roll
    Kodak PORTRA 160VC 135-36 (VIVID) - KOP160VC36PP 10 pcs $5.49/roll
    Fujifilm PRO 160C 135-36 FUJICOLOR 160 - FUP160C36 10 pcs $4.99/roll
    Fujifilm FUJICOLOR PRO 160S 135-36 - FUP160S36 10 pcs $4.39/roll
    Fujifilm ASTIA 100-F 135-36 FUJICHROME FILM - FUA100F36 10 pcs $4.99/roll

    Exp 2008
    Ilford XP-2 SUPER 135-36 - ILXP2S36 2 pcs $5.20/roll
    Agfa APX 5 pcs $4.50/roll

    Exp 2007
    EPP 135-36 Ektachrome 100 Plus Professional Color Slide (Transparency) Film (ISO-100) 9 pcs $7.25/roll

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    Re: FS: Nikon F6

    The camera is sold.

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