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Thread: FS : RARE and ORIGINAL Canon FD to EOS adaptor x1,26

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    FS : RARE and ORIGINAL Canon FD to EOS adaptor x1,26

    Hi, I post here several messages for gear I want to sell (I'm in Europe but can ship worldwide).

    BEWARE: I won't be available for answers until 20th of October but people interested can let a message, by MP or by mail ( [email protected] ). If necessary i can call back people later on, for example in the US or in some other countries on a fixed phone number (please indicate your country).

    First for sale is an ORIGINAL and RARE FD to EOS converter (with glass X1,26), S/N 10312. This in NOT of course any cheap and crappy copy from China but the original Canon one only sold at the time to pro photographers. This adapter is designed for the following FD lenses and allows infinity focus:

    FD 200mm 1.8 L
    FD 200mm 2.8 RF
    FD 300mm 2.8 L
    FD 300mm 4
    FD 300mm 4 L
    FD 400mm 2.8 L
    FD 400mm 4.5
    FD 500mm 4.5 L
    FD 600mm 4.5
    FD 800mm 5.6 L
    FD 50-300mm 4.5 L
    FD 85-300mm 4.5
    FD 150-600mm 5.6 L

    Examples of use on a FD 200mm 1,8 (it'n not mine unfortunately!).

    Used but in very good condition as shown on the pictures, sold with his two end covers.

    Selling price: 1600 euros / around 2100 USD

    Shipping price will depend upon the countries to be shipped, but for the US it should be around 55 USD insured of course (but i have to check).

    Payment either by paypal (4% fee, to be discussed) or by direct IBAN bank transfer (not Western Union or these tricky stuff!) but bank fees have to be clarified before hand.

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    Re: FS : RARE and ORIGINAL Canon FD to EOS adaptor x1,26

    What a rare gem indeed. I have an 800/5.6 coming next week and this would come in handy. But $2100? Good fu**ing grief. You can get a mint mkIII for that!

    Good luck with the sale, these are definitely hard to come by.

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