Hi, I post here several messages for rare gear I want to sell (I'm in Europe but can ship worldwide).

BEWARE: I won't be available for answers until 20th of October but people interested can let a message, by MP or by mail ([email protected] ). If necessary i can call back people later on, for example in the US or in some other countries on a fixed phone number (please indicate your country).

For sale is a superb MINOLTA ROKKOR 40-80 zoom f2,8 S/N 1201112, fast focus and fast zooming with macro position. It's the european version (no X marking).

It is in MINT condition (optical and mechanical, very fluid) and is complete with its original caps, original flexible hood (rare), original leather box ( a little dry and used with ageing) and the original documentation/manual.

More on this very special lens to be (re)discovered with excellent optics:

The Rokkor was one of the first two truly high quality midrange zooms ever designed. The other, launched in the year, was Canon's first 35-70mm f2.8. The 'throttle control' zoom (like a vintage car dashboard advance-retard lever... or your lawn mower...) was also unique because the internal zooming ran in flat tracks instead of a helicoid/tube. This allowed the groups to move independently of each other with corrections for every focal length, not just an optimised correction. As a result, this lens has perhaps the highest quality of any similar zoom made until very recently. It is a collector's item, originally cost far more than the SRT303b, and should be treated as such. Expect it to sell only to a serious collector, no-one else would appreciate it. It dates, I think, from 1974 as I was still working at a newspaper when I got that lens to use for a while on the new XE-1.

Pictures of the lens sold:

Selling price: 600 euros / around 800 USD (high price cause superb condition and complete)

Shipping price will depend upon the countries to be shipped, but for the US it should be around 60 USD insured of course (but i have to check).

Payment either by paypal (4% fee, to be discussed) or by direct IBAN bank transfer (NOT Western Union or these tricky stuff!) but bank fees have to be clarified before hand.