I'm currently shopping for the following lenses (interested in in full working condition--cosmetically excellent and perfect glass elements, alignment, mechanical operation, etc.):

* Rollei Zeiss Tele-ApoTessar 500/8 HFT PQS
* Rollei Zeiss Planar 110/2 HFT PQ
* Rollei Schneider AF Tele-Xenar 180/2.8 HFT PQ
* Rollei Schneider AF Tele-Xenar 150/4 HFT PQS
* Rollei Schneider PCS-Super-Angulon 55/4.5 HFT PQ
* Rollei Schneider AF Xenotar 80/2.8 HFT PQS

I am in no rush, but if you know where I might find one, I would appreciate a PM from you. If you have one that you are interested in selling please PM me as well, with the amount you would like for it.

I have a 100% reputation on eBay as a buyer and seller, so you can rest assured you are dealing with an upfront person.

Thank you!

Best regards,