Sale Includes: 4x6' PRO Frame, 2/3 Diffusion screen and grip head and pole, carry bag. Ready to go right out of the bag.

Price: $500. net to me, shipped & insured CONUS FIRM. Save $294. vs new.

Payments Accepted: PayPal

Possible Trades: Sunswatter 6x8'

Shipping Methods Available (Ships From): Ground. UPS or USPS from 02111.

Item location: Boston, MA

Best Contact Method: Please PM

Feedback: POTN and FM. Have our own site:

Details: Basically mint new kit. Was used only once when we realized it was great for single subjects, models, fashion/glamour etc.. but bad for wedding dresses width. Will work for a single subject full length no problem. Need money to fund the ridiculously expensive 8 ft kit. Otherwise i'd love to keep both.

Videos in use:

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