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Thread: Cambo wide DS with 3 lenses

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    Cambo wide DS with 3 lenses

    System is less then 2 years old, 47mm lens around one year.
    Everything is sitting in my closet about one year, basically I am getting out from interior & architecture photography. Everything is in like new condition.

    Prices are 35% of calumet prices, Except 47mm lens is 30% of. This lens is brand, new never used, I only tested it when I got it.

    Wide DS body $1040
    Mamiya adapter plate $585
    Viewfider $510

    24mm lens $3055 , Schneider Apo Digitar
    28mm lens $5200, Rodenstock Apo Siranoar HR
    47mm lens $1890, Schneider Apo Digitar

    Buyer pays shipping.
    Pay pal or cash, if pay pal add 3% extra
    I am located in NYC

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    Re: Cambo wide DS with 3 lenses

    47mm Sold

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