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Thread: fs: Leica M9 with 28mm summicron ASPH

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    fs: Leica M9 with 28mm summicron ASPH

    Grey m9
    1500 actuation
    receipt Dated JAN 2010
    faint line below the hot shoe and another faint
    mark next to the hot shoe. Otherwise it it looks like new.
    Bottom plate still has clear film on
    Never registered. Over one year warranty left
    ZHOU Leather case black with red stitching
    Box, manuals, inserts, plastic.
    TAN code unused ( for free Adobe Lightroom )
    EXTRA oem Leica battery ( not knock off )

    $6400 USD
    90mm Elmarit E46 Pull out hood ***SOLD***

    This is the latest/last Elmarit model
    Beautiful mint EX++ condition. NO MARKS or scratches
    46mm B+W filter is included
    Glass is spotless
    Box, and leather pouch also included. ( like new as well )
    I opted for this one over the 'cron version as it is sharper with
    better colors and contrast. Read some reviews if you wish to verify.
    $1020 USD ***SOLD***
    28mm Summicron ASPH 6-bit coded
    Latest 28mm 'cron lens.
    Box, leather pouch, all papers, caps, hood, etc.
    not a mark.
    As with the 90mm above, glass is spotless, and
    you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference from new.
    B+W Filter on it. (included)
    $2750 USD

    Take the M9 and 28mm ASPH 'cron for $8999 even including
    shipping and insurance.

    Don't have pics of the lenses right now, but can do cheesy
    iphone pics if requested.

    I am in Canada. But if a US buyer buys it, I will ship it from
    within the USA so there will be NO DUTIES or issues.
    If a Canadian buyer wants it, same deal, I will ship from within
    CANADA. So Duties/taxes will not be an issue as well.
    All items include shipping and insurance.

    I would like a USD Cheque ( needs to clear ) or Money Order, or wire
    transfer Wire transfer is fastest of course. But I am fine with the slow
    ways as well. I'm in no rush. I am anti Paypal, as its exchange rates
    are a RIPOFF! Unless you want to pump in the 3% fee, and an extra
    1.5-2% that it rips me off for when it does exchange for me, vs my bank.
    ( forces the exchange, will not pay me out in USD even though I have a
    US dollar account! )

    I have 4 feedback references from this site in the last 2 months btw.
    I have feedback on Fredmiranda
    I have ebay feedback since 2000.

    m9withboxncase by nicxyz, on Flickr

    m9rear by nicxyz, on Flickr

    m9front by nicxyz, on Flickr

    M9 with the 28mm 'cron attached that is for sale here.
    As you can see, not a mark, or a scuff.

    IMG_0383 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    Bottom of M9 showing clear seal still in its place, never removed

    IMG_0392 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    slight line imperfection, that is barely noticable

    IMG_0414 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    IMG_0367 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    The accessories of the 28mm summicron, including all its paper work

    IMG_0419 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    The Elmarit, which has been sold. This way, however, the buyer can see what he can expect.

    IMG_0364 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    I very much apologize about the quality of the images. But I used my iphone camera.

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    Re: fs: Leica M9 with 28mm summicron ASPH

    a couple nice clear pics of the 28mm.

    28mm-2 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    28mm-9 by nicxyz, on Flickr

    28mm-10 by nicxyz, on Flickr

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    Re: fs: Leica M9 with 28mm summicron ASPH

    M9 sold.

    28mm ASPH is still available.

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