First of all, I want to make it clear that I am located in The Netherlands.

I don't have so many posts in this site but I have done business with our Moderator great Guy Mancuso for high value item.

Also, I can give you my ebay id to see my 100% positive feedbacks as a seller for high value items I have sold worldwide.

I always welcome my buyer for pick up with cash if it is possible for you. If not, I can send the item by UPS or Post after I get money by Bank/Wire Transfer, or accept PAYPAL payment with Paypal fees.

I have sold to and bought from, many items, US; Canada; and other countries without any problem.

Here is for sale Leica R Complete Modul System - 280/400/560 And 400/560/800 Heads, AND 1x, 1.4x, 2x Modules, Total Five Pieces.

My asking price is 20,000 Euros. I can sell the Heads and Moduls separately if your offer is good.

If you are serously interested, hit me an email for close up pictures of all the dimensions of all the five pieces.

Have a look on my another ad for sale for Many Leica R APO ROM and other Lenses, R9, R4, R3 Cameras and Accessories.