The department is downsizing film equipment.
Equipment from Harvard in Cambridge, MA

All for 3800 for immediate sale, thats less than 320 a camera.

Photos on the Web
Photos in a Zip file

2.8 xenotar, 1626913, meter fine, times within 1/3rd stop, leaves a very fine scratch on film
2.8 Xenotar 1641710, meter broken, plastic cracked, speeds hard to turn

3.5F Xenotar, removable hood 2237027, meter off
3.5F Xenotar, removable hood 2206878, meter works, plastic cracked
3.5F Xenotar, 2213288, meter off, 1 second a little slow, hood hinges a little
3.5F Planar, removable hood 2806348, meter works, shutter opens the same regardless of setting
3.5F Planar, removable hood 2283270, meter broken

3.5 Xenotar, removable hood 2200187, meter off, slow speeds slow, aperture a little dirty
3.5 Tessar 128777, no meter

3.5 Xenar Rolleicord 1192822, no meter, speeds ok

for parts:
2.8e3 planar, removable hood 2361647, meter, some problems
2.8 xenotar, 1400227, shutter button sticky
heatware: pinktank
ebay: 88thpinkutanku