Hello! I have two very nice lenses for sale.

The glass on BOTH lenses - perfect. No marks/dust, etc.

The first lens, the Voigtlander 75mm 1.8 comes with box, caps, hood. It is in near new condition, mild barrel mark or two. I find my copy of the lens sharper than the copy Sean Reid eval'd in his review, IMHO - But Voigltanders can vary in sharpness with any given copy, as we know, and this seems to be a very good copy. I have example pics take with the lens on my flickr site. There is nothing at all wrong with this lens; I have a rule that if I am not using a lens, I sell it. I am currently infatuated with an old Canon 85 1.5 that I use in this focal range. So the Voig goes on the block!

$600 plus $10 priority mail in US.

The second lens is a Voigt 28mm f/1.9 LTM in black. Glass is awesome. Barrel wear is present. The lens hood and caps are included; The lens hoods little scew that holds the hood on the lens has snapped off, so the hood is harder than usual to take on and off the lens - you need to use a little screw driver, unless, like me, you just leave the hood on the lens all the time
This lens is sharp wide open and fast for a 28. IMHO this is a superior lens to the "new" 28mm Voigt makes. $400. plus $10 shipping.

Pics to follow! -Rob