Lot's of stuff to sell… Also open to trading for Nikon Glass or flashes (SB-900/SU-800 or other stuff, let me know what you have!)

Email is the easiest danvprod [at] gmail.com or to see more pics.

Cleaning out my closet. Couple of things.

*Paypal - Add 3% to WHATEVER deal we decide on
*Shipping included - fedex ground or usps first class
*Confirmed address only with paypal.
*No lowballs - don't even bother
*First to pay, first to get it.

A) Two partial rolls of CTS and 1/2 CTS Roscoe 20x24" gel, 5x5 pieces cut out for the bellow mentioned lumedyne (which I'll include with the lumedyne) - $10

1) Shootsac - blackcover. Smoke-free home. Only used twice. - $165

2) Tamrac 608 - the good made in USA bag. Lightly used, most use is on the shoulder strap. New dividers from tamrac early this year - $80

3) Lumedyne 200 w/s battery powered flash kit coming with: - $500 for the lot
a) lumedyne 200 w/s power pack model 065
b) lumedyne 800 w/s modeling head w/ wide angle reflector
c) lumedyne handholding stud
d) sync cord, head 10' extentions cord and regular power charger (trickle)
e) re-celled mini battery late 2009 by batteries plus (I get about 220 full power pops with the batter)
f) lumedyne ultra charger - http://www.adorama.com/LYCU1Z.html?e...utm_term=Other

4) Gitzo Cremaillere 3 - WELL worn, paint loss. Hass been loved. The auto raiser does not work, you need to manually raise the center column. No dents. See pics for condition, this is a bargain grade gitzo, but still better than anything else at this pricepoint - $100
53" fully extended, about 70" with the center column up.

5) Avenger C-Stand boom - http://www.amazon.com/Avenger-A2033F...3&sr=8-1-fkmr0
Some paint loss to the boom arm from clamping. This thing is a BEAST. Will have to ship in 2 boxes to get it to you - $150

6) Manfrotto monopod - 680B - ex condition with box. - $48


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