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Thread: FS: Leica M7 A-LA-Carte Custom, Near Perfect, Beautiful...

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    FS: Leica M7 A-LA-Carte Custom, Near Perfect, Beautiful...

    Hello All,

    New to, but have been on and for years.

    Here are some new pictures of this great super unique Leica M7 A-LA-CARTE custom made one of a kind camera. This camera has been used for less than 5 rolls of film and has only the most trivial of marks, if any at all. It is really stunning, and in perfect condition.

    It is just a beautiful camera that I am not going to get to enjoy as I am still sticking with my MP for film work. I purchased it from the original owner, who never really used it. Bottom sticker still on it, and I have the original strap for it as well.

    It has a great selection of features and here are some of them:

    - Leica M7 Matt Black Chrome Body
    - NO Leica Red/Black Dot on Front
    - NO M7 label on the front
    - Original Classic Leica Engraving on Top
    - Leica M7 style rewind knob
    - Leica M7 Shutter Speed Dial
    - Leica MP new style covering
    - .72 Viewfinder
    - 50mm Framelines ALONE (no 75mm markers)...GREAT for a 50mm Shooter!
    - 28mm/90mm Framelines
    - 35mm/135mm Framelines
    - Engraved "Vytaute Moscow 2005" on rear of camera; but very discreet. (Could be filled in with black paint) (covered by tape in photos)
    - "Leica Camera AG Germany" (top) and "Made in Germany" (back) engraved on top plate.

    This is a great camera to shoot with and enjoy. The classic setup is very attractive and discreet. One of the best M7's I have ever seen.

    Price: Price $2850.

    Can possibly consider lens and/or digital M body trades, but would really like to sell.

    Please e-mail or private message with any questions.

    I also have a 50mm F/1.4 Summilux ASPH listed separately as well.

    If someone wanted both the lens and camera body, I could make a package deal.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays-
    P.S.- A local deal in New York is also possible!
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