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Thread: WTT: GRD2 for DSLR

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    WTT: GRD2 for DSLR

    I know I'm new here but you can search me out on Rangefinder forum for my classifieds history.
    Looking for a DSLR and I'd like to trade my GRD2 for one. I'm looking for something like a Nikon D100 or a Canon 10D but throw offers my way, im not committed to any particular SLR system though I do like Canon's. Willing to give Nikon's a chance since they make a great product too. I'm also interested in DSLR's that will take Nikon lenses if you have something similar.
    I did drop my GRD recently chipping the body, but the camera still performs flawlessly.

    GRD2 includes software, chargers, 8GB sd card.

    Send me your offers via PM.

    Will sell outright for $275 + shipping.

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    Re: WTT: GRD2 for DSLR

    Item has been traded.

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