I somehow ended up with two Zeiss 21mm C-Biogon f/4.5...

I'm keeping one, but (even though I like it a lot) one is enough

Anyway, I'd be interested in working out something involving a pre-ASPH 50mm Summilux-M or a Voigtländer 35mm f/1.2 Nokton. Black or chrome doesn't matter, they all look sexy on my MP. 6-bit isn't necessary. Cash added where needed, but we can talk about that later on.

The 21mm is pretty much perfect, and comes with caps and box. Not 6-bit coded. I also have a Voigtländer 21/25mm finder if that sweetens the deal. There is none of that Zeiss wobble with this lens.

I'm located in Norway, so international shipping would presumably be involved.

Images can be found at:

I've bought here before, and some positive feedback can be found from the previous owner of the lens:

Also, feedback availablefrom eBay and FredMiranda.