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Thread: Kapture Group Truewide

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    Kapture Group Truewide

    Kapture Group TrueWide (True Wide) camera for use with your Nikon lenses and medium format digital back with 'V' mount. The camera includes a Kapture Group One Shot cable release for Phase One digital backs, and a Hasselblad viewfinder. I will include a Acute Matte ground glass from a Hasselblad 503CX for you or your camera repair shop to install in place of the Maxwell ground glass if you prefer it. There is a small chip on the corner of the Maxwell ground glass that does not show in the viewfinder, but you are getting the Acute Matte to replace it. Camera is used and fully functional.

    I'm in Brooklyn, New York and would prefer to deal in person, but will consider shipping to someone known to this forum. Asking price is $1400 (Or trade for Epson RD-1), which includes the above mentioned viewfinder, Acute Matte, and cable. The Kapture Group One Shot cable release can be used on other cameras with your Phase One back, please check with them to see what cameras it functions with.

    (Description from Kapture Group)
    The Kapture Group TrueWide Digital sliding back camera in 35mm Nikon F lens mount. The included digital back interface plate is Hasselblad-V, mount. The mounting options are designed to attach your digital back in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

    * The drop-in inserts can be quickly rotated from portrait to landscape in less than 5 seconds.

    * Integrated Copal #3 shutter for superior results! Low vibration and proven reliability make it the natural choice.

    * Kapture Group Sliding Back adapters incorporate a bright custom Maxwell Precision Optics focus screen. The image area is screened for both landscape and portrait orientation.
    * Four accurate integrated horizontal and vertical levels.

    * Lens mount rotates 90 degrees to accommodate vertical or horizontal mounting of your digital back. Ultra wide-angle lenses with fixed "petal-type" lens shades might otherwise vignette.

    The integrated quick release system allows 90 degree rotation of your digital back without having to detach it from the rotatable drop-in insert. The TrueWide incorporates an integrated Copal #3 shutter for superior results, low vibration and proven reliability . The TrueWide Sliding Back Camera also accepts all Hasselblad viewfinders.
    Simplicity in design and function make the TrueWide an ideal studio and location camera for high end digital photography. The TrueWide incorporates both horizontal and vertical levels. The bright focusing screen slides into place for precision focusing and depth of field preview. Your digital back then slides into place for image capture. Both the focus and capture positions have positive detent. The TrueWide lens mount rotates 90 degrees to accommodate vertical shots with ultra wide-angle lenses without having to change the camera's orientation. Positive detents hold your lens firmly in place after rotation.

    Please note: The TrueWide is an outstanding camera when used in the studio with electronic flash at all shutter speeds. There is however an issue with the some of the newer chips when shooting in ambient light with a TrueWide. A shutter speed of 1/30 second or slower may be required to avoid possible ghosting of the shutter blades in the image. In the studio however when using electronic flash this is NOT an issue and any shutter speed can be used because the shutter blades are always completely open when the shutter flash sync fires.
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    Re: Kapture Group Truewide

    Price Reduced to $1200 or trade for a Epson R-D1

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    Re: Kapture Group Truewide

    Got the R-D1(s), so this is off to an online auction site at a much lower starting price.

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