These lenses are suitable for the Cambo 5x7/4x5 listed here:

1. Fujinon SW S 90mm f/8
There are haze/cleaning marks on the periphery of the inside of both front and rear groups. At f/16, they will be out of the imaging area, and should not have any effect on the photograph. There's a mild amount of Fujiitis. There are no other marks/scratches, etc. The Seiko shutter is sticky at speeds 1/8th and slower. Both front and rear have original Fuji metal caps.


13,500 JPY (~162 USD)

2. Fujinon SW 105mm f/8
This lens is in very good condition, with clear glass and an excellent Seiko shutter. Sorry, no caps.

21,600 JPY (~261 USD)

3. Fujinon W 125mm f/5.6
This lens is a tiny gem and will just barely cover 5x7. It is in excellent condition, with clear glass. The Seiko shutter is slightly slow at 1 second. Sorry, there's only a front metal cap.


18,000 JPY (~216 USD)

4. Fujinon 125mm NSW f/8
In immaculate, mint minus condition with front and rear caps.


30,600 JPY (~369 USD)

5. Fujinon CM-W 210mm f/5.6

In immaculate, mint minus condition, complete with gray protective box, front and rear caps, outer cardboard box and Toyo Technika type lensboard.


36,000 JPY (~432 USD)

6. Fujinon NW 210mm f/5.6

Excellent condition, with clear glass and properly working Copal 1 shutter with front and rear metal caps.


18,900 JPY (~225 USD)

7. Sinar select Schneider Symmar-S 240mm f/5.6 Multicoating

The lens is in very good condition, with some small scuffs on the rear barrel. The glass is clear and the all-black Copal 3 shutter is in excellent working condition. There is a small amount of Schneideritis. Front and rear caps. It will cover 8x10 as well.


27,000 JPY (~324 USD)

8. Schneider Symmar-S 240mm f/5.6 cells only

The front element has a couple of small marks.The rear group has some haze that needs to be professionally cleaned. No caps.

9,000 JPY (~108 USD)

All prices include worldwide EMS shipping, but I would appreciate if you picked up the Paypal fees. If needed, I have Toyo/Wista/Horseman brand Technika type lensboards for the Copal 0 and 1 shuttered lenses for an additional 2,150 JPY each.

Thanks for looking,