Hi everyone,

I am selling this White pentax K-x that was modified for Full spectrum.
This camera was bought only 7 months ago.
It is in mint condition.
Comes with :
All original items that were in the box.
-> that includes caps, cables, booklet, etc...
-> comes with it's original 18-55mm standard zoom.

This camera was modified to Full Spectrum by professionals at Digital Silver Imaging.
It can "see" IR, visible colors, and UV light.
I include two specific filters here for you to take a wide range of pictures :
- A genuine 52mm Maxmax X-Nite CC1 filter for pictures of normal colors like would any "normal" camera. This is one of the best filters around to replace hot mirror on full spectrum cameras. with filter on, AWB and other WB modes will work fine too.
- A genuine 52mm hoya R72 IR filter to take IR pictures.

The Pentax Kx is a great camera for Full Spectrum, in the sense that it Has live view, so when shooting IR, even though the R72 filter is all black and preventing from seing anything through the OVF, the live view mode will enable you to see. AF in LV will work fine with IR.

The Pentax Kx can make HD 720p videos too... IR videos are something awesome and sureal.

And because it can see visible and IR, this camera is also very good for astrophotography.

I am selling this camera and all the gear mentionned for 800$,
If you are interested, please contact me through PM and we can then eventually discuss this price.
Paypal is prefered for payment.

The reason I am selling this camera is because I need a weather resistant camera, so I need to sell this one.

Here are a few pictures of the whole equipment :

And here are a few IR pictures taken with this camera (with virtualy no PP except a little bit of Automatic levels Ajustment) :

And finally one nightshot (astro) :

If you wish to see what normal day-light photographs look like with this camera, I can also post a few, just let me know (but they just look like normal photographs).

Best regards,