I am doing my annual closet cleanout and find I haven't used my Lumedyne lights in a long time, so they have to go.

These pieces are very lightly used and in some cases barely used at all.

It's a big list and I will sell individual items. The Prices listed are the current B&H prices. I will sell them to you shipped for 80% of those prices. Better discounts with multiple items.

This is a complete 3 light kit with a main pack, and a booster that can serve as a second pack. Complete with an AC power supply so you can use it in the field with batteries or in studio or location plugged in.

You will notice there is no battery listed. I have a mini battery that still holds about a 60% charge and I will include it free if someone buys the powerpack and a head.

I know the Lumedyne numbers can be confusing so let me know if you need help understand what's what.

Here's the stuff:

800 W/S Next-Generation Flash Head with Modeling Light - UV, Straight Cord (HERS) $245

Two - 800 W/S Signature Series Basic Lamphead - (HEBC) $315

Signature Series 200 Watt/Second Basic X-tra Fast Power Pack (P2XB) $998

400 W/S Deluxe Control Booster Module (X4DL) $400

X-Tra Basic AC Power Supply (115-240V) (XACF) $293

7 Head to Power Pack Extension Cord - Coiled (HCCD) $65

10 Foot Head to Power Pack Extension Cord (HC10) $58

Two - Head to Power Pack Extension Cord - 20 (HC20) $60

Power Pack Hanger and Clamp (APPH) $42

two - Wein Micro Slave $30

Thanks, Tom