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Thread: Interest Check: Mint FujiFilm GA645Wi

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    Interest Check: Mint FujiFilm GA645Wi

    I'm somewhat reluctant to make this posting, but I don't see this camera getting much use since I found an equally fine Bronica RF645 kit.

    The GA645Wi comes with lens cap, proper wide angle hood, strap, and suede-like case. It does not come with the original box. I may have the instruction manual, but no promises on that one. The shutter count is 100. I can supply pictures if desired.

    There are all kinds of wild prices out there for this camera. I've got $650 into it. That plus shipping would do me fine.

    Please email or PM via the board and we can discuss it further.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Photo: Mint FujiFilm GA645Wi

    Here's a photo to show its condition.

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    Re: Interest Check: Mint FujiFilm GA645Wi

    Hi Larry,

    Ive found this Forum by looking for a "mint" Fuji GA645Wi ...

    Im interested in your Fuji GA645Wi - is it still available ?
    If yes,

    1. would you also ship to Austria (Europe) ?
    2. would you accept PayPal for paying ?
    3. are there any cosmetic blemishes on the body and the lens ?
    4. would it be possible to have 4 more pictures to check the cosmetic condition from "every side" ? (one from the back, one with opened back door, one from above and one from the bottom) ...

    Please take the time with the fotos ...
    Hoping for a positiv feedback and
    Many greetings from Austria

    Dr. Mario Rinnerthaler

    p.s.: please PM via bord or to e-mail: [email protected]

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    Re: Interest Check: Mint FujiFilm GA645Wi

    Great camera...
    Wonderful images on Portra 160 or 400...

    Leica and Canon

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