To make a long story short - after a couple of years keeping an out for this lens, I stumbled on two at the same time. I've kept the bits that have shown any wear for myself and am packaging all the best bits as a package to recoup some of the investment in my own copy. Here's a chance to get the whole she-bang in nearly as new form:

Included as pictured:

- Contax/Zeiss 85/1.2 T*Planar, near mint. Slight signs of use on bayonet, glass is perfect. Lens was sent for a 7-point recalibration by previous owner to Zeiss and brought to 2005 tolerance levels, all docs provided. Lens comes in original box featuring owners guide and leather Contax lens bag (never opened).

- Contax metal 77-86mm adapter ring (specific to P85), excellent.

- Contax metal type 4 metal hood, mint in box.

- Contax metal 80mm push-on lens hood, mint.

I'm going to ask $5800US shipped worldwide or 'make an offer' on the bay, but will take your offers for a few days here first with more tolerance than I could accept on ebay due to fees there. If you've been waiting for a 60 year, you won't be disappointed with this one.

I go by 'controlvoltage' on ebay and have perfect feedback, including the recent sales of several valuable lenses as I made room for the P85 in my budget.

Lens is located in Canada. If you're considering a purchase and live in the Calgary area, you're welcome to have a look in person.

Thanks for looking, if you have any questions not covered here, please feel free to ask.