I have the following filters and related items. I'd prefer to sell several, or all, at once. $100 takes the whole set, individual prices listed below, plus $5 shipping for any group of two or more.

Tiffen 62mm Polarizer $10
Tiffen 52mm Polarizer $10
Tiffen 62mm FL-D $5
Tiffen 62mm 80A $5
Tiffen 52mm 80A $5
Tiffen 52mm 85B $5
No name 62mm polarizer (not sold individually) will throw in for free if you take two of anything else.

Tiffen 62mm to 67mm step up ring $5
Tiffen 49mm to 52mm step up ring $5

B+W 35.5mm to 52mm step up ring $5

52mm technical filter holder $5
67mm technical filter holder $5

Nikon 40.5mm lens cap (NIB) $50