HI There
Right - I'm selling my Black K5 - this camera has only taken 1 photograph (to check that the sensor was okay).

I bought back in November, but sent the camera back for sensor stain issue two weeks ago - they have replaced it with a new one with a different (recent) serial number.

In the meantime I slipped up and bought a silver one Much as I'd love to have both, . . . .

So, this is the black camera - boxed - all bits and pieces and the lens - the bits and pieces are unused (i.e. strap / charger / battery). I'll hand over original receipt etc. The lens has probably taken a dozen shots or so.

920 - including shipping to the UK, I could also ship to Europe, but that would be extra at whatever it might cost.

I can do pictures if necessary - but it really is simply new.

all the best