I have the individual modules, M1 Quick Release Arm, M2 Upright, M3 Tilt Arm, M4 Macro Arm, M5 Wimberley Head Module(old style), M6 Extension Post, and M8 Perpendicular Plate for sale. All look brand new with just the faintest marks at the attachment points from 1 time use. The current price from Wimberley for all of these is $527 + shipping. I am looking for $420 shipped and PP'd in the con US.
The only trades I am looking for at the moment would be a Canon MT-24EX with cash from my end for a mint condition unit.
You can see all the individual pieces here: http://www.tripodhead.com/products/f...al-modules.cfm

I can provide images of each item if you really want to see them but they are perfect and identical to the images on the Wimberley site.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would prefer to keep this as a set for now.