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Thread: SOLD: F-Stop Large ICU for Loka, Tilopa

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    SOLD: F-Stop Large ICU for Loka, Tilopa

    SOLD on another forum
    Selling my large F-stop ICU, fits the Loka, Tilopa, Tilopa BC, and Satori. Used for one 10 day trip, it is still in great condition. Selling because it is just too large for me, I never fill it and it takes up too much room inside my Loka leaving insufficient room for clothes, food, etc.

    If you have ever dealt with F-stop you know that they make good stuff but it takes the patience of a monk to actually receive delivery of your order. The large ICU has been out of stock since mid January and if you want one now you may have to wait till June-July to get it. Why not buy mine instead?

    Below is a link to the product page. I am not posting pics since there is not much else to see, PM me if you are serious but really want a pic and I will send you some.

    Asking for $65 NET to me, which includes USPS shipping in the US. Paypal fee is on you. The online price, if you could get them is $69 + around $15 shipping so this is a pretty good deal.
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