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Thread: Leica accessory shoes

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    Leica accessory shoes

    Voigtlander 25mm finder, looks new, with box.

    Miscellaneous Leica parts left over from a variety of projects. I have a couple of accessory shoes from an M3 and a Leica II, and a baseplate from a IIIf. These may fit other models as well, just ask. The shoes have just a few minor marks.

    The baseplate is in extremely nice shape. There is a very small dimple on one side, and a very light scratch. Both of these are difficult to see except under very close inspection, and overall the baseplate looks very nice. It does not come with the mounting hardware, but it is easy to replace this with the one from your current base.


    *SOLD* Voigtlander 25mm finder: $90 plus shipping

    Chrome accessory shoes: $10 (each) plus shipping.

    *SOLD* Baseplate: $25 plus shipping

    I think these prices are pretty reasonable, but if you don't agree, feel free to make an offer :-)
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    Re: Voigtlander 25mm finder, misc Leica parts, baseplate

    If the baseplate is still available I can put it to good use. Just sent a message.

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    Re: Leica accessory shoes


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