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Thread: FS: Hasselblad Cameras & Lenses.

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    FS: Hasselblad Cameras & Lenses.

    I'm selling my hasselblad gear as I now shoot nikon.

    I am the original purchaser of all the gear; except the cw winder which I purchased from KEH in Atlanta. Here's the LIst:

    503CW & 80mm 2.8 CFE (mint) 903swc/chrome 38mm 4.5 (mint); Zeiss 180mm CFE (mint); CW winder (excellent--purchased at KEH); PME 45 Viewfinder w/remote (near mint); 2 A12 chrome backs (near mint); JustRite Flash bracket for the 503Cw (mint). Several filters, Zeiss Softar I, B+W KSM C-Pol MRC; Hassy 2x Y6; Hassy CB 15; Hassy 3x Y; Hassy 6x R; Hassy 3x Y; and 1 UV Sky. 1 Sekonic L-558R (mint). 1 Pelican case that holds all the gear. I know it's quite a bit but I'd figure I'd try and sell it all at once at a pretty good discount. Asking $9650. In addition, I have a set of Quantum t4d flashes and 2 turbo batteries and 3 freewires and all the connecting cables for the hassy I'd let go for an additional $1,400. I prefer a local sale since this is so much gear and I'm not quite adept at Ebay, paypal. I live in Utah. Thanks. lbe

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    Re: FS: Hasselblad Cameras & Lenses.

    pictures often help prompt the buyer --

    what is the SN on the 903?

    richard. TX

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