Im selling my M8 kit. I would prefer local pick-up in SW Connecticut or Manhattan.

This package is all you need to get started with an M8 and take pictures immediately. The package includes:

M8 in perfect mechanical condition and very good cosmetic condition
Two Leica batteries
Thumbs up
CV 28/3.5 Color Skopar
CV 35/2.5 Color Skopar C
The two lenses replicate the traditional 35mm and 50mm lens sizes used on film Leicas

The details are as follows:

The camera is in excellent mechanical condition. It has never frozen-up on me or failed to operate perfectly in any other regard. The cosmetics are very good. There are the normal scuff marks that come with use but no dents or dings. The plastic Leica label on the base plate is coming loose. Id remove it entirely myself, but you can make that choice. Ive got all the packaging (both boxes) and everything that came with the camera. The strap and cables have never even been removed from the wrappers.

I also have a Thumbs-Up and two Leica batteries for the camera. The Thumbs-Up makes holding the M8 much easier.

CV 28/3.5
This is the lens that spends most of the time on the camera. It is excellent condition. On the M8 it is the closest thing to 35mm, which is my ideal focal length for street work. This lens is tiny. Sean Reid has very good things to say about it in his Fast 28mm article. My version has a UV/IR filter and LTM to M adaptor that is coded and does register in the exif data. This lens is discontinued, out of stock, and will surely be increasing in value

CV 35/2.5
Another great, small lens. Approximates 50mm on a film Leica. This has a Leica UV filter and a LTM to M adaptor that has indents that can be coded. It is in excellent condition. This lens has been discontinued.

I would really like to sell this as a package as I think this kit belongs together. The price for the full kit is $3,200, net to me. If you only want the camera and accessories, the price is $2,450 net to me. I wont sell the lenses before I sell the camera. But if youre interested in the lenses, let me know and Ill keep you in mind.

Again, local pick-up is great as it saves the cost of Pay Pal and shipping.