I have for sale one black Leica M6TTL. I am asking $1320 shipped. (if you use paypal, gift or 3%). I will entertain offers.

For an extra $90, I will throw in the grip, otherwise it is not included.

Photos are here (copy/paste)


It is in great working condition. There are few small marks. One beneath/behind the rewind lever is the only one that looks like it wore through the finish. It is tiny (about the size of one or two pieces of glitter). There is a bit of brassing/zinc'ing below the rewind lever. A couple of rub/wear marks on the top that are too shallow to feel and do not go through the black chrome. Lastly the edges of the bottom plate have a little wear.

Really, it is much much less than described above, I just wanted to be through. I also bumped the fill light in the photos so the marks are more legible than real life. This is not a collector's item however.

Has original finder, 0.72x

Comes with battery, body mount cover, and Leica strap.

Thanks for looking