Tripod model: Manfrotto 058B aka (bogen 3251)

Tripod condition: Great condition. Its made of steel and aluminum and shows a few scratches but overall good condition (only had it for a few months)

Sale Includes: Tripod legs, and a Large case (LINK)

Price: $385 (shipped and paypaled)

Payments Accepted: Paypal

Possible Trades: Gitzo mountaineer or so? (pluss cash from me) I need a lighter tripod thats carbon fiber

Shipping Available To: USA

Item location:San Diego

Best Contact Method: PM

Feedback: New to the forum but i buy and sell alot on the canon potn forums

Reason for selling: It pains me to do this but i need to sell my beloved tripod. I'm heading to Europe for the summer and after trying every possible combinations of ways to carry this tripod on my back (even with the straps and such) i just realized there is no way i can hike through Norway with this tripod. What i love most about this tripod are the quick release legs! it takes about 1 second to set up and adjust! its amazing and i find this really gives it the edge.

This is probably the most stable tripod ive ever used. This sucker could probably withstand a tornado. I purchased the legs new a few months ago and i SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM, that's why it pains me to have to get rid of them just for this trip.

Here is a video review i found of it on youtube CLICK

Here are the specs MANFROTTO 058b

This sucker is around 7.2ft when fully extended

MORE PICS! (case in the last pictures)