Hi all,

Well, it's time. I'm pulling items out of the closet to help fund my Medium Format-itis.

For Sale:

Leica M6 (black) in very good/excellent condition (still with "Leitz" red dot, serial number 1704xxx). I purchased this used in December 2007 at Meister Camera in Berlin, Germany (the retail Leica store just off of Kufurstendamm).

The only thing in my estimation that keeps this from being Near Mint are two things: 1) the small black plastic insert, part of the frame line switch, on the camera front (which is a metal rectangle) is missing. The metal switch is there and works fine, just the little plastic insert isn't. (This doesn't affect camera operation at all) 2) Just above the film loading door in the back, above the hinge, the black paint has oxidized a bit. It's fine and isn't very noticeable but I like to fully disclose what I see. The bottom plate still has the protective film on it. This camera was CLA'ed before I bought it.
I paid 900 Euro in December.

Also for sale, (it's mate) is a nearly brand new, in box, Leica Summarit 50mm f/2.5 lens. This can be used on both the analog M series or on M8s (it's 67mm on the M8). It was purchased new at the same time.
Paid 1000 Euro. This go for $1295 at B+H.

Gotta love that valuable dollar now...

I'd prefer to sell this as a kit. I'll throw in a nice black leather half case for the M6 (similar to a Luigi case, but not authentic )

Yours for only $2100 plus Paypal 3% fees. Shipping fee based on real costs.

Will go to the 'Bay if no one is interested. Will try to post some pictures soon.