Clearing out space...sorry to see this one go; it a great set.

For Sale: Good condition Leica M4-P with 70th Anniversary edition (1913-1983) engraving on top place.

Inscription is "I585" which, if you do your research, seems to be an error, since Leica apparent made only 2500 of these editions, and marked them with a letter of the word LEICA and then a number 1-500 following it.

In an email exchange I had with Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck, world-renowned Leica expert and author of numerous Leica collectors books, states that it's "either a later top plate and an engraving error."

It's a collector's piece for sure, which I used as my Black and White film walk around, especially with the CV Nokton Classic SC (Single Coating) which is incredibly regarded.

Condition: M4-P is in good, but well-used condition. It's been used, certainly before me and by me too. There is a slight ding on the top plate (1/2 cm) on top of the rangefinder which has put the vertical alignment off by a tiny amount. This happened before I owned it and I didn't have it repaired because it didn't bother me. My guess is it's probably a $300-$400 repair including CLA.

The Cosina-Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f1.4 SC lens is perfect in every way. It comes with a 43mm UV filter. I love this lens. It's AMAZING with black and white film with SHARP contrast. These go for $399 from Stephen Gandy at Cameraquest.

I'm looking to get $1100 plus 3% paypal fees for the kit. I'll throw in a nice brown leather half case to the purchaser.

I will get some pictures available.