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Thread: Pentax Supersale: K5, 16-50, 10-17, and many many more

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    Pentax Supersale: K5, 16-50, 10-17, and many many more

    After trying out the K5 I realized that I'm just not an DSLR type of shooter--still prefer my Leica M8s and primes. I will miss the amazing DR and ISO performance though. With the exception of the 135, everything else was pretty much purchased new and rarely used (had too many lenses). Please read carefully before committing to buy.

    1. K5 w/Katzeye focusing screen installed w/Optibrite--Paid $160 for the screen alone, only two months ago. K5 is late serial starting with 4. No problems, had LCD covers on back and top since day one. Original focusing screen also included. On the rear LCD that is just an air bubble.

    a. 2 Year extended warranty on the K5, making it a total of 3. Camera was purchased on 3/30/11. Unregistered

    b. 2 Pentax Batteries w/box (almost never used)--$40 each, Pentax Remote $25 (never used)

    c. Pentax OEM Grip w/box (mint)--$199


    2. 16-50 f2.8 DA Limited. Optics and body are mint. SDM is smooth and accurate. Comes with caps, hood and box. Originally purchased in CA in 2010 with 2 year warranty still left. Not sure how it works in the U.S.

    $700. $15 shipping (Hoya Pro Digital 1 Multi-coated UV filter included, $80 value)

    3. 10-17 FE. Mint optics, and mint- body. Comes with caps. One of my favorite Pentax lenses in terms of color. ON HOLD


    4. 135 F2.5 K-mount. A legendary lens! Comes with caps, box and papers. Glass is mint, focus and aperture rings are smooth. Body has some scratches and a small chip. But the metal body is solid and in overall great shape.

    $225. $10 shipping

    5. DA Limited 15. Mint with box, caps and papers. Another gem I really enjoyed.


    6. FA Limited 31, 43, 77. The 31 and 77 are a little more than two months old. Used only twice. The 43 is about 2 months. Still have retail receipt and unregistered warranty paperwork for all three. Lenses are basically New in every way so I won't bother with photos.

    77--$710. $15 shipping

    All prices are based on paypal gift or postal money order payments.
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    Re: Pentax Supersale: K5, 16-50, 10-17, and many many more

    PM sent.

    Roy Benson

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