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Thread: Traded: Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Flash

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    Traded: Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Flash

    I got this in a trade a couple of years ago. Original owner had used it very little. I tested it out to make sure it works, think I used it one other time. It seemed interesting at the time but I've discovered that macro is not my thing.

    For those not familiar with it, this is a ring flash that clips directly to Canon 50 f2.5, 100 f2.8 (non-L) and mp-e65 lenses. It attaches to other lens via an adapter ring that screws into the filter threads. It has built-in wireless flash controller so it can act as the wireless master for your other canon flashes.

    Except for minor rub marks on the instruction booklet, it looks like new. Includes everything you'd get with a new one - box, manual, pouch, warranty card plus an adapter ring.

    B&H Price is $549. I'm including a macrolite adapter 72C which fits any lens that takes 72mm filters ($30 at B&H).

    Price is $400 net to me. Local deal in central Ohio welcome.

    I'm looking for 24L II, 35L or 580EX II.

    I have have feedback on FM. Have also been buying & selling on POTN for years. Same ID on those sites.

    Email works best for me.


    Pics taken with the mr-14ex + Sigma 150 +7d.
    The flash has 2 tubes that can be adjusted to different ratios. First pic at 1:1, next 2 at 1:8 and 8:1.

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    Re: Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Flash

    Traded locally.

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