Better Light Super 6K-HS Scanning Back
Pano/Wide View Adaptor

All Better Light scanning backs are portable for location photography with the battery-operated Portability Option. Our Better Light Super 6K-HS was used with a Toyo View 4x5 camera and was only used in the studio for museum quality fine art reproduction.

The Better Light Super 6K-HS comes with USB Box, filters, and Easy Wipes.

6000 x 8000 pixels - Native CCD resolution
137 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (274 MB in 48-bit RGB)
9000 x 12000 pixels - Enhanced Resolution™
309 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (618 MB in 48-bit RGB)

The Pano/WideView Adapter is a high-quality turntable motor with no backlash, is suitable for heavy view cameras, and resists shaking due to wind. The hardware includes a precision motor-driven rotary base with 3/8-in. tripod socket on the bottom, a quick-release camera mount on top of the base, 3/8-in. and 1/4-in. screws for the camera, and a motor drive cable to connect the insert to motor base.

The Pano/WideView™ Adapter when used with the Better Light 4x5 scanning back can create panoramic, rollout and QTVR images. This system can capture seamless 360 degree digital panoramic scans and wide-view images of adjustable aspect ratio, with wide or long lenses, up to 8,000 x 65,000 pixels—the largest digital panoramic images currently possible.

This Pano adapter is a 4 inch motor base size with a capacity load of 50lbs. The Pano is in like-new condition, used only once in the studio.

Asking $8,000 for the Super 6K-HS or best offer
Asking $2,600 for the Pano

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