Selling my Imacon Flextight Precision II film scanner.

If you've done your research on this scanner, you know that this scanner only has a SCSI port that requires a SCSI to Firewire converter. I have not dependably gotten my specific computer system to run this scanner, and so I am selling.

I have made some great scans with this scanner but I have also spent too much time trying to work with my SPECIFIC computer system. From what I've read system works fantastically with slightly older computer setups, pre Mac OS 10.6.7, from what I hear. Or you could just get a dedicated Mac tower with a SCSI port to scan off.

This scanner will come with the... scanner, plus all CDs, a 35mm holder, a 6x6, a 6x7, and a 4x5 holder. I'm also including the Ratoc SCSI converter I used + the power source.

Price: $2750 including Ratoc SCSI converter + the power source (worth $200). Buyer pays shipping.

Scanner is in Portland, OR.