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Thread: FS: Sony A580

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    FS: Sony A580


    I am selling a very lightly used Sony A580 DSLR body. I purchased this at FredMiranda around 3 months ago and overall it is only 5 months old (first owner bought it at end of January 2011). The condition is excellent with no blemishes. It comes in its original packing and includes all the accessories + CDs etc. I have been impressed with the image quality as well as the quick operation of this camera. I have also become a fan of the quick AF live view mode unique to Sony. This feature long with the articulated LCD on the A580 allows taking pictures with different perspectives then you would normally do.

    Asking $675 shipped and pp'd.

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    Re: FS: Sony A580

    Hey, is it still up for sale? Very interested in buying, thanks.

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    Re: FS: Sony A580

    It was sold. Sorry I didn't update the thread to indicate that. Good luck with your search!

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