Switching to Nikon, so need to switch glass around. All items looked for must be clean, clear, smooth, etc., and ideally in Canada.

Preference will be given to CDNs given HST on cross-border deals, especially on spendy items like the 200/2.

Looking for:
1. CV 90/3.5 APO SLII in AiS
2. 60 Macro G
3. 200/2 Vr I
4. 85/1.4 G
5 ? (Who knows an hr from now).

Shipping to/within Canada via CP or USPS, payment by PP.

Items for possible trade +/- cash:

1. CV 90/3.5 SLII APO in EoS mount - Mint.
2. Mamiya M645 80/4 Macro "N. Mint/Mint-
3. EoS 1.4x TV Ver 1 Mint-
4. (the very rare) Mamiya 200/2.8 APO, Mint/Mint-
5. CV 40/2 Asph SLII in EoS Mint

Don't be surprised if I waffle on the 200 APO. It would only go once a 200/2 is found as already have a CV 180/4 APO enroute and while don't need 3x 200mm lenses, damn the sucker is SHARP - and that's on a FX SLR. I don't even want to guess how it would deliver on a MFDB. Anyway, lets see what happens for now.

Emails please